Get Relaxation Ready with Our Deep Clean of Your RV or Trailer

Let's face it: opening the door of your trailer for the first time each spring can be a blast of last year's memories... and the hotdog you forgot in the microwave.
Getting ready for camping should be about picking out snacks and stocking up the drinks... not getting down and dirty with the cobwebs. 

Let us do that!

What's Included:

  • Deep cleaning of your bathroom(s) including toilet, shower and vanity
  • Deep cleaning of the kitchen including appliances (inside & out)
  • Dust-busting of all interior surfaces, inside cabinets and yes, even that spot that always seems to have a spider web
  • Spotless mopping & vacuuming of floors
    and furniture
  • Soft cloth cleaning of any vinyl or leather furniture

An important word about mice: 
We know mice and other critters love trailers. We're equipped with the PPE and tools to properly dispose of droppings or dead mice, however a $49 charge will apply.
If you know there are mice, please tell us ahead of time.

The Fine Print:

  • This is a thorough interior only cleaning of your vacation paradise (no exteriors)
  • Your trailer or RV must be parked and accessible on your property - we are unable to travel to storage facilities for safety reasons
  • We must have access to an exterior or interior power source - don't worry, we've got a ridiculously long extension cord
  • We reserve the right to cancel any cleaning due to the excessive presence of mice or other biohazards. 

Get a Free Quote:

Please note a $49 bio-hazard fee will be applied to remove any mouse droppings, deceased rodents or excessive pests.