Attention Paw Butler Clients...

Save $20 on Your First Visit with the
Fur Fighters AND Receive a Free Gift!

Let's face it: the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is grab the vacuum or scrub the toilet. The simple solution is to hire someone to do the scrubbing for you...

But most cleaning companies insist on your furry family members being kenneled, locked into a bedroom or left outside for years at a time. 

We have the solution. The Fur Fighters will do battle with your dust bunnies while keeping your pets safe and happy - guaranteed.

We Love Your Pets as
Much as You Do

The first question for any potential Fur Fighter employee is simple: do you love animals?

Our team of cleaning warriors are energetic, fur-fiends who will shower your cat or dog with love while they clean.

You can rest assured that your pets will love cleaning day as much as you do!

We Only Use
Pet Friendly Products

Did you know that some cleaners and fragrance products can be harmful not just to us, but to our pets? 

We use the most gentle products that still give results, even if it takes a little more elbow-grease from us. 

We've even developed our OWN line of pet friendly cleaning & fragrance products to keep everyone safe & happy.

We Clean So You
Don't Have To

Having a weekly or bi-weekly visit from the Fur Fighters is like getting an extra day in your week. That's right, an EIGHTH day of the week!

All the time you'd normally be spending scrubbing toilets or wiping down counters can be spent doing whatever the heck you want - providing the cat approves!


Don't Take Our Word For It...

Very pleased with my clean today ! I absolutely LOVE the little extras like the chocolates, swan towels and the notes on the mirror preaching positive affirmations .

So glad we found them and LOVE that they specialize in pet friendly homes!

Shauna Davis

owner, paw butler

I don’t crate my little monsters and I never thought I would be in a position to have someone come in and clean around them.

Until now..... Fur Fighters are AMAZING!! It has to be said that the cleaning standard was way above my expectations, the hubby thought I had put the house up for sale it was so clean 😂😂

That said, I think what sets them apart is the interaction with your pets. My monsters are my world and it is priceless to have the peace of mind to leave them in the good hands of Fur Fighters ❤️

Noirin Keenan

happy dog mom

Today was our first visit from from the dynamos at Fur Fighters and wow. This place was, I’m sorry to say, not in good shape before they got here and now my Mom would approve of it!! And you know how Moms are! Shadie and Wilbur also approve of the snuggles. Great experience, great folks!

Shari Coward

Thrilled homeowner

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