Get Your Outdoor Upholstery Reconditioned &
Ready for the Party Next Season...

The easiest way to keep your outdoor furniture looking sharp is to keep the cushions comfortable & clean. Prevent mildew and slow down discoloration by having your patio cushions professionally cleaned and wrapped for storage.

Here is how easy it is to get your outdoor cushions professionally cleaned:

1) We pick up your patio cushions*

2) We carefully clean any mold & mildew with the appropriate products

3) We clean and rinse the cushions until they are as clean as possible

4) Your upholstery dries in the luxurious surroundings of our shop

5) We apply optional waterproofing to keep things looking great

6) We bag your upholstery for storage (free of charge)

7) We deliver your patio cushions ready for storage*

Pick-up & Delivery free of charge on all services over $150

Sounds Great, How Much Does It Cost?

Did you know that the number 1 reason that people purchase new patio furniture has nothing to do with the comfort or style of the furniture itself? It's the grossness of cushions left to battle the elements without professional cleaning. Mold & mildew love outdoor furniture - and there's no worse feeling than grabbing a cold one and heading out for the first fire of the year to discover smelly cushions. We've made it surprisingly reasonable to get your cushions professionally cleaned & prolong the party with your current furniture.

  • Throw Cushions: $7 - $10
  • Seat Cushions: $10 - $15
  • Ottoman Cushions: $10 - $25
  • Chair Cushions (set, single seat): $30 - $40
  • Loveseat Cushions (set, 2 seats): $50 - $70
  • Sofa Cushions (set, 3 seats): $80 - $110
  • Sectional Cushions (per seat set): $35 - $45

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