Sparking Clean Homes, Happy Pets, Relaxed You.

Calgary loves Fur Fighters, the best cleaning company

The Fur Fighters was born from the need to find a trusted person who could come into our home and clean while under the watchful eye of a 200 lb Saint Bernard who believed he was a lap dog. Most companies insisted that our loveable lug would need to be out of the house or locked up while their staff visited. Unacceptable. This is his home too.

We quickly realized this was not an isolated need. Whether dealing with cats prone to escape, animals with stranger anxiety, or even just overly exuberant greetings, many Calgarians felt like they could never have the luxury of a cleaning service because they valued the safety and health of their pets.

The Fur Fighters are ready to battle the dust bunnies in your home!

The Fur Fighters Home Cleaning Process: What You Need to Know

How confusing can house cleaning be, right? You hire someone, they come in, work their magic and you have a clean house. Oh how we wish it was that simple!

There is a wide range of services, price ranges and most importantly: quality. We pride ourselves on not only being the ONLY Pet Friendly dedicated cleaning company servicing Calgary and the surrounding areas, but also having a cleaning process that guarantees you'll be thrilled with our visits every time.

(1) We start with a DEEP clean
Our deep cleans are TRULY deep cleans. When our team of Fur Fighters arrive, they'll be in your home for 8 to 18 hours, depending on the size of your home. Don't worry - we always send a team large enough so they won't still be there at dinner time!

By starting our relationship with a cleaning process that not only cleans the 'expected', but also the unexpected (like that strange spot behind your toilet!) it allows us to easily maintain your home to our rigorous standards on much shorter bi-weekly or monthly visits. 

(2) We don't charge by the hour
You don't need to worry about watching the clock. You'll receive pricing for the end result: your home being sparkling and everyone happy and relaxed. 

(3) Towel animals and special extras are always FREE
Our clients love the fun towel animals, motivational notes and occasional surprises they find after a visit from the Fur Fighters. In fact, some of our clients have kept ALL of the love notes we've left them since our first visit

(4) You'll get to know your Fur Fighter 
We try our best to keep your Fur Fighter consistent for every regularly scheduled visit. This helps you AND your pets develop a relationship that leaves everyone feeling fulfilled. Even the most aloof floof eventually bonds with the Fur Fighter, whether that be accepting treats and pats or a mutual respect from across the room. 

(5) We couldn't find products we loved, so we created our own 
After testing a ridiculous number of all-purpose cleaners, floor products and so, so many different mops, we came to a conclusion: most cleaning products kind of suck. They might work well for some situations, but not all. So, we made our own. Fur Fighters Fresh! is our own line of pet friendly, eco-friendly cleaning products that guarantees your home is clean AND smells amazing when we're through.