Calgary's Best Carpet Cleaning at a Surprisingly Great Price

We're in Your Home to Clean, Not Sell. No Hidden Fees or Extra Charges. Just Clean Carpets.

Area Rug Cleaning in Calgary with the Fur Fighters

We love our fur friends. They brighten up ours days and make us better people. However, they also make it a REAL challenge to keep your home clean, healthy and smelling fresh.

Whether it's the puppy stage or older pups not making it outside in time, or a cat who always chooses carpet over tile when it's hairball time, pets are RUFF on carpet. That's why we take a different approach to getting your carpets clean:

  • We never charge extra for hallways or count stairs
  • We include up to 10 pet spot or stain treatments in every visit
  • We only use Pet Friendly products (safe for people too!)
  • We guarantee you'll be Pawsitively Satisifed or we'll cheerfully refund your money

The Fur Fighters Carpet Cleaning Process: What You Need to Know

We know you've seen a LOT of carpet cleaning advertisements out there, and most of them are intentionally confusing. They use a lot of industry jargon and often have misleadingly low prices. We've made our process as simple as possible - here's exactly how it works.

(1) We appreciate if you vacuum the day before we arrive
This helps to make sure your carpet is ready for the spa-like treatment it's about to receive.

(2) We'll walk through your home with you
It's important for you to share any concerns about particular areas. Tell us all your carpet's dirty secrets: if your puppy had a favourite corner or if a plate of meatballs hit the ground, let us know. If we see anything of concern, we will let you know prior to getting started. We can also utilize our black light to help identify any areas that might not be obvious in daylight.

(3) Let's get this party started with a special pre-cleaning spray
We'll apply a specially formulated product that helps to break down the stubborn dirt and grime that builds up deep in the fibers of your carpet. In less time than it takes to listen to In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, it will be ready to move to the next step. We will also spot treat any visible spots or apply an enzyme eliminator where there's been pet urine to help eliminate smells & visible staining. 

(4) Vroom, Vroom, it's time for the main attraction
Combining the power of steam and superhero suction power, it's time to clean your carpets. We promised not to use any industry jargon, but if you're curious, this is where our high tech truck-mounted steam cleaning system comes in. Because of the powerful suction, your carpets are simultaneously steam cleaned while removing as much excess moisture as possible.

(5) We'll help you keep it clean 
If you'd like, we'll apply a powerful protectant product called "encapsulation" to all the areas that we've cleaned. This is very similar to the protectant packages you'll be sold when you buy a new sofa: it's a layer of protection that helps to prevent stains from forming. 

We Come to Your Home to Clean, Not Sell

Traditional carpet cleaning involves a salesperson or a selling technician coming to your home and counting stairs, hallways, rooms and even measuring the exact square footage that there is to clean. Then, they itemize every spot that might need to be treated for stains or with enzyme remover, as though you might only want a few of those icky areas removed. Finally, they pitch you on protecting the investment you've just made in cleaning your carpets. Why wouldn't you want to protect it? It's like buying a new car but having to pay extra for the steering wheel. And to us, that's not fair. That's why we include up to 10 pet spots or stain treatments, and extra spots are charged at just the product used to clean them.

Our goal is to help keep Calgary's pet loving homes clean, and we simply are not comfortable leaving a job half done. You'll know how much it will cost to clean your carpets before we've even stepped in the door.


It's okay to blame the cat, they don't care.