Do You Know the Answer to the 
3 Questions Pet Owners Must Ask
Before Hiring a Cleaning Service?

Life's too short to scrub your own toilet... so it's time to hire a cleaning company!

Sounds like a simple enough project, right? Browse through Google or ask a few friends for a recommendation. But... when you have pets, things get more complicated.

Sadly, there are hundreds of horror stories of employees who failed to properly close doors behind them, allowing pets to escape. Or cleaners who are afraid of animals and react to them with fear or anxiety. In fact, many cleaning companies will insist your dogs or cats be locked up while they are cleaning your home, causing your cat or dog significant anxiety when they hear the doorbell ring on cleaning day. 

By asking prospective cleaning companies these 3 simple questions, you can ensure you get the best possible results for your home while maintaining the safety of your family - both human and otherwise.

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