Do You Sit on It? We Can (Probably) Clean It!

Area Rug Cleaning in Calgary with the Fur Fighters

We've got a secret to share with you: even in the cleanest homes, anything you sit on can get pretty dirty. The dirt carried on your clothes happily nestles into the fibers of your furniture, overtime causing those fibers to break down. Add in the cornucopia of dirt carried on your dogs paws or the litter that your cats track in, and it's not hard to see why cleaning your furniture on a regular basis becomes important for cleanliness and health.

Upholstery cleaning involves the same high power steam driven cleaning technology as carpet cleaning, but is delivered in a much more delicate fashion. 

Not all fabric types are suitable for cleaning - we will be the first to let you know if your furniture is not appropriate for our cleaning process.

Area Rugs: On-Site & Off-Site Cleaning

We're happy to freshen up your area rugs! If we're already in your home cleaning carpets or upholstery, area rugs can cleaned at the same time providing there is a tile or concrete floor available for the rug to be cleaned and left to dry. 

If there is no area in your home suitable for cleaning your rugs, or if you just have a rug or two you would like cleaned, we are thrilled to be able to provide off-site cleaning. We will pick up your rug, clean it, ensure it is perfectly clean and dry, and then return it to you home. 

We are unfortunately unable to clean Persian or wool rugs at this time.